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Who Is The Hedgehog On The Masked Singer?

Celebrities perform while donning extravagant costumes that cover their identities on the popular reality competition show The Masked Singer, which has won the hearts of millions of viewers. Fans have been trying to identify the celebrity hidden behind the mask on Hedgehog, one of the contestants in the eighth season of the show. Who Is The Hedgehog On The Masked Singer? will be addressed in this essay as we examine the cues and data at our disposal.

The Clues

Fans of The Masked Singer have been trying to decode the clues provided by the show to identify the celebrity behind the Hedgehog mask. Here’s what we know:

Instagram Clue

It’s intriguing to learn about the most recent The Masked Singer costume-related hint. A carrot can be seen in what appears to be an x-ray of the costume that was posted on Instagram. This might be a hint as to who the Hedgehog is, or it might just be a red herring used to confuse the audience.

It will be intriguing to see how this carrot fits into the bigger picture of the Hedgehog’s identity since The Masked Singer is known for its imaginative and occasionally obscure clues.

Season Premiere Clues

The hints you cited might be useful in attempting to identify the hedgehog. The Hedgehog might be someone who is accustomed to VIP treatment or exclusive access based on the fact that the Hedgehog was seen standing outside of “Club Hedgehog” with a sign that read, “Members Only.”

The Hedgehog’s reference to having spent his entire career on the move may indicate that he has led a nomadic or itinerant lifestyle, possibly as a touring musician or performer. Of all, these hints are merely conjecture, and anyone may be the Hedgehog in reality.

We’ll have to wait and see if any more details are provided that will elucidate the mystery since The Masked Singer is renowned for its surprises and twists.

The Guesses

Based on the limited clues provided, fans have been speculating about the celebrity behind the Hedgehog mask. Here are some of the guesses that have been circulating:

James Marsden

The myriad rumors and theories that surround The Masked Singer are always entertaining to observe. James Marsden has the acting skills and charisma to carry off a memorable performance on the program, so the idea that he could play the Hedgehog is undoubtedly a possibility.

But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these are only educated estimates and that until the revelation, there is no way to be certain of who is hiding behind the Hedgehog mask. The Masked Singer is famed for its surprises, and the famous contestants frequently astound viewers by revealing their real identities.

In the end, the guessing game is an enjoyable aspect of the show, and it’s always interesting to observe how the performances and hints develop during the season. So let’s watch the show while relaxing and observing the Hedgehog and other competitors.

Eric Idle

In the world of comedy, Eric Idle is unquestionably a well-known and respected personality, thus his attendance on the program is sure to have delighted many admirers. The revelation of the Hedgehog’s identity serves as a constant reminder that there are always surprises to be found on The Masked Singer and that the celebrities who take part come from all different backgrounds.

Finding out more about the people who wear the elaborate costumes and anticipating who will be revealed next is always fascinating. The guessing game will continue with the other competitors now that the hedgehog has been identified, and spectators will undoubtedly keep making assumptions about who is hiding behind each mask.

We’re excited to see what additional surprises are in store because it’s all part of the enjoyment of the show!


In conclusion, the Hedgehog on The Masked Singer was revealed to be Eric Idle, a legendary comedian and member of Monty Python. While fans had speculated about the celebrity behind the mask, the clues provided by the show were not enough to confirm his identity. The Masked Singer continues to be a hit show, keeping audiences guessing about the celebrities behind the masks.


Who is Eric Idle?

The British comedian, actor, musician, and writer Eric Idle is perhaps best known for being a part of the legendary comedic troupe Monty Python. Idle, who was born in South Shields, England, on March 29, 1943, initially gained notoriety in the 1960s as a performer on the mockumentary TV show “Do Not Adjust Your Set.”

Idle collaborated with fellow comics John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam to create Monty Python in 1969. This ground-breaking sketch comedy troupe would go on to have a significant influence on the comedy industry.

From 1969 until 1974, the group’s TV show, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” aired and quickly rose to fame due to its irreverent humor and absurdist routines. Idle went on to have a prosperous career as a writer, actor, and musician, with credits for the comedic series “Nuns on the Run,” the stage musical “Spamalot,” and the 1979 movie “Life of Brian” (1990).

As a solo performer and member of numerous musical ensembles, he has also published a number of CDs. Overall, Eric Idle, who is renowned for his wit, originality, and irreverent sense of humor, is a highly regarded and significant player in the comedy industry.

What is The Masked Singer?

The American reality television program The Masked Singer made its debut on Fox in January 2019. A group of famous participants perform on the program, which is based on a South Korean program of the same name, while hiding their identities using extravagant costumes and masks.

A cast of masked celebrities performs songs for a panel of judges and a live studio audience in each episode of The Masked Singer. The judges make their best estimates about the celebrity wearing the mask following each performance. The disguised celebrity with the fewest viewer votes is “unmasked” and made public to the judges and audience at the conclusion of each episode.

The show’s lavish and inventive costumes have contributed to its popularity, as well as the guessing game element that allows spectators to attempt to identify the celebrities hidden behind the masks. The program has included a variety of famous people, including actors, musicians, singers, and athletes. It has received recognition for its ability to enthrall and delight viewers.


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