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Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild? Best Answers In 2023

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild? This is a common question for nature enthusiasts who are curious about these adorable, spiny creatures. Hedgehogs are found in a variety of habitats around the world, and their natural habitat can offer important clues to their behavior and survival. In this article, Hedgehogfact.com will explore the best answers to this question in 2023 and help you learn more about where hedgehogs live in the wild.

How Many Kinds of Hedgehog Are There?

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild
Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild

There are 17 different species of hedgehogs in all, and you can classify them based on their habitats to learn more about them.

European Hedgehogs

The preferred habitats of European hedgehogs include grasslands, wooded areas, and meadows. They typically remain close to people while hibernating during the winter.

African Hedgehogs

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild
Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild

African hedgehogs like to dwell in hot, dry regions with grasslands and forests because these habitats offer a lot of places to hide from predators. These hedgehogs do not hibernate because of the warm climate; instead, they spend their time hunting and digging.

Asian Hedgehogs

In the Middle East, you can find Central Asian hedgehogs and Asian hedgehogs. It is a long-eared breed that prefers meadows and wooded places to mountains and deserts, where it does not do well. Due to their warm temperatures, Asian hedgehogs do not hibernate.

What things does a hedgehog need for its habitat?

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild
Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild

Let’s quickly review what a hedgehog requires from her home before looking at where she calls home. Hedgehogs need to live in an environment that offers them:


Hedgehogs are insectivores, which means they mostly consume invertebrates, preferring beetles, caterpillars, and worms. They will occasionally consume eggs, frogs, or even young birds, in addition to slugs and snails. Each night, an adult hedgehog needs to consume about 3 ounces of food (more in the weeks before hibernation). This food must be offered by the habitat.


Hedgehogs need a clean water supply to survive since they need to drink even though they don’t bathe as birds do.

Nesting sites:

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild
Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild

Throughout the year, hedgehogs construct three different sorts of nests: ones for daytime naps, ones for raising hoglets, and ones for winter hibernation. The nests are typically found in dry, protected areas and are constructed from grasses, leaves, and twigs. The habitat for hedgehogs must offer appropriate nesting locations and resources.

Protection from Predators:

With all those spines, the hedgehog is able to carry around protection from the majority of predators at all times. Hedgehogs are still in danger from a few other species. The dominant animal in the UK is the badger. Hedgehogs like to reside in areas with cover from raptors.

Room to Roam:

Each night, hedgehogs typically walk a mile in quest of food. When looking for females during mating season, the males may stray even further. Hedgehogs must be able to migrate in order for populations to mix. It is easy for a small group of hedgehogs to lose its viability as a breeding population and be wiped out if it becomes isolated from the others. Therefore, a hedgehog’s housing must be spacious.

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild Around The World?

European Hedgehogs’ Wild Habitat

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild
Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild

The grasslands, forests, and meadows are ideal habitats for European hedgehogs. Instead of being alone in the wild, hedgehogs are frequently found in locations close to human borders. The UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and some of the Nordic nations are home to many species.

Hedgehogs are impacted by cold weather and are forced to hibernate in order to survive the harsh winter. Hedgehogs can also flourish in fields and mosaic hedges in the rural areas of the majority of southern Europe. Some species can be found in semi-arid areas without many predators.

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild: Africa’s Wild Hedgehog Habitat

The dry and warm climates are where you’ll mostly find African hedgehogs. The majority of hedgehogs live in eastern and central Africa because of the grassland, forest, and occasionally rocky elements that make for good camouflage. Due mostly to the abundance of insects and the warm environment, native hedgehogs thrive.

Despite the fact that they are wild animals, they tend to stay away from swamps and areas of dense forest. Instead, they are located in well-drained soil, which promotes the reproduction of many insects and other small invertebrates. Due to Africa’s warm climate, there is little hibernation activity. The wild is large enough for hedgehogs to engage in the digging, exercise, and foraging behaviors necessary to flourish.

Asia’s Wild Hedgehog Habitat

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild
Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild

In portions of the Middle East and central Asia, native hedgehogs can be found. The countries with the highest populations of this breed include China, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. Asian hedgehogs avoid deserts and mountains, but they do well in grassy areas close to wooded areas or sources of water.

Some hedgehogs live naturally in the mountainous and arid terrain of Israel, Afghanistan, and Iran. Hedgehogs are attracted to human civilization and temperate temperatures, which causes them to occasionally migrate from the wild.

Where Do Hedgehogs Live In The Wild : Australia and America Hedgehog Habitat 

Due to their non-native status, hedgehogs are not found in the wild in either Australia or America. Where permitted by legislation, hedgehogs are kept here as pets, with the African pygmy type being the most popular. Only a few hedgehogs, nevertheless, can be seen in parks, gardens, and amongst hedges.

New Zealand and some of the Scottish islands have also had hedgehog introductions. Hedgehogs can adapt by living in the wild, which allows them to procreate and raise offspring. Hedgehogs live comparatively long lives for their size in the wild due to the lack of predators, with some individuals reaching ages of up to 16.


In conclusion, where do hedgehogs live in the wild? As we’ve discovered, the answer is not straightforward, as hedgehogs can be found in a variety of habitats around the world. However, by understanding their natural habitat and behavior, we can better appreciate these fascinating creatures and help protect their future survival. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply curious about these spiny mammals, learning more about where hedgehogs live in the wild is a great way to deepen your appreciation for the natural world.

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