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What Is A Group Of Hedgehogs Called?

Hedgehogs are spiny mammals found in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. They are known for their unique appearance and nocturnal habits. Hedgehogs can be found living alone, but they can also come together in groups. In this article, Hedgehogfact.com will explore the question What Is A Group Of Hedgehogs Called?

Scientific term: Array

A group of hedgehogs is referred to as an “array,” but this is a common misunderstanding. In scientific or zoological settings, the phrase “array” for a group of hedgehogs is not commonly used or understood.

The most often-used phrase for a collection of hedgehogs is just “prickle.” This phrase is thought to have been coined because of the hedgehog’s coat’s characteristic spiciness. It’s crucial to remember that while some websites can refer to a collection of hedgehogs as an “array,” this phrase is not generally used or understood and should be regarded with caution.

It is usually preferable to use the term “prickle” when referring to a group of hedgehogs to prevent ambiguity.

Colloquial terms

However, as pethedgehogcare.com points out, in colloquial terms, hedgehogs can be grouped in a variety of different ways, and each group has its term. For example, a group of hedgehogs can be referred to as a “prickle” or a “nest.” Additionally, lists “herd” and “array” as less common terms for a group of hedgehogs.

It is also true that a collection of hedgehogs can be referred to informally by several various words, including “nest,” “herd,” “array,” and others. These terms may vary by area, or they may be more prevalent in particular settings or among particular populations.

It is crucial to refer to a group of hedgehogs in a formal or academic situation using the term “prickle,” but it is also true that different groups of individuals may use other terms in various settings.

Other terms for groups of hedgehogs

Hedgehogs typically live alone and do not form large social groupings. Hedgehogs may congregate in couples or small groups, though, during mating season or when caring for young. Although litters as large as eight have been observed, a female hedgehog usually has a litter of 4-6 piglets when she gives birth.

The piglets’ spines are flexible and supple, and they are born without ears or eyes. The male normally does not participate in the care of the young, and the mother raises the piglets on her own. In fact, after mating, the male typically deserts the female and stops helping in childrearing.

When the piglets are weaned, which normally happens at around 6 to 8 weeks of age, they remain with their mother.

Fun facts about hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are fascinating animals, and there is much to learn about them. For example, hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and depend on their mother’s milk for the first few weeks of life. Hedgehogs are also known to hibernate in the winter, and they can go into a state of torpor if they do not get enough food.

Hedgehog reproduction and behavior

Although hedgehogs are normally solitary creatures, they do gather in large groups between April through September when they mate. Males will move during this period in pursuit of females while engaging in courtship rituals such as circling, vocalizing, and nuzzling. A female will allow the male to mate with her if she is open to it.

A litter of 4-6 piglets, but litters of up to 8 have been documented, will be born after the mother carries the fertilized eggs for about 30 to 40 days after mating. The piglets’ spines are flexible and supple, and they are born without ears or eyes. The mother raises the piglets by herself and will tenaciously protect them if they are in danger.

The piglets will start to explore their environment as they become older and learn how to go foraging for food. Up until weaning, which typically happens at 6 to 8 weeks of age, the mother will nurse and care for her young. The young will venture out on their own and become independent after weaning.

Being nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs are most active at night. Since they are opportunistic feeders, they will consume a wide range of things, including small mammals, birds, slugs, worms, and insects. Another well-known behavior of hedgehogs is their propensity to curl up when attacked, using their spines as a protective strategy.


In conclusion, hedgehogs are solitary animals that come together during mating season. Female hedgehogs, or sows, give birth to litters of 4-6 piglets, which she raises on her own. Hedgehogs are nocturnal and opportunistic feeders that eat a variety of foods.

They are also known for rolling into a ball when threatened. While they may not be social animals, hedgehogs are fascinating creatures with interesting behaviors and adaptations.

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