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What Are Baby Hedgehogs Called?

If you’re a fan of cute and cuddly animals, you’ve probably heard of hedgehogs. These spiky little creatures are found all over the world and are known for their adorable quills and curious personalities. But have you ever wondered what baby hedgehogs are called? Well, wonder no more! In What Are Baby Hedgehogs Called? , Hedgehogfact.com explore the world of hoglets and share five amazing facts about these tiny creatures.

What Are Baby Hedgehogs Called?

So, what are baby hedgehogs called? Hoglets or urchins are the names for these small beings. They are known as a “prickle” of hoglets since they are born in litters with a few other siblings. Baby hedgehogs were previously referred to as kits, pups, and other incoherent terms for small animal newborns.

Where Are Hedgehogs Found?

All over Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand, hedgehogs can be found. They are common throughout Europe and can be found in a variety of environments, including farms, gardens, parks, and wooded areas. Moreover, hedgehogs were sent to New Zealand, where they have established themselves as an invasive species.

South of the Sahara desert is where you can find them in Africa, and the Middle East, Central Asia, and portions of China are where you can find them in Asia. Being nocturnal, hedgehogs spend the majority of their time foraging for food at night.

When frightened, they are renowned for their capacity to curl up into a ball, shielding themselves from predators. Hedgehogs in the wild, however, are under danger from a variety of factors, such as habitat degradation, traffic, and canine and feline predators.

Amazing Facts About Hoglets

Let’s look at some fascinating information about these tiny animals now that we are aware of their names and locations.

 Hoglets Weigh Just a Few Grams at Birth

Upon birth, hoglets, or baby hedgehogs, typically weigh just a few grams—between 10 and 25 grams. They are born without spines, blind, deaf, or hearing, but after a few hours, they begin to develop spines. Their eyes and hearing open after a week, and they start to investigate their environment.

For the first few weeks of their existence, hoglets are totally reliant on their mothers, and they nurse exclusively on their mothers’ milk until they are weaned at about four to six weeks old. Following weaning, babies begin to eat solid meals and gain independence. How rapidly these small animals mature and grow is amazing!

 Hoglets Are Born Deaf, Blind, and Spineless

When hoglets are born, they lack spines, are deaf, and can’t see, so they must rely on their sense of smell and touch to identify their mother. They use their excellent sense of smell to find their mother’s milk and their tactile sense to navigate their environment.

It’s incredible to imagine that these small beings, who are born so defenseless, can live healthy lives. As they mature, their eyes, hearing, and spines start to appear, enabling them to more comfortably investigate their surroundings.

 Hoglets Get Their First Set of Spines Within Days

Hoglets begin to grow their initial set of spines, known as “pre-spines,” a few days after they are born. Although not fully developed and not sharp, these spines aid in protecting the hoglet from danger. The spines strengthen and develop with time, offering the hoglet better defense.

On their backs, adult hedgehogs contain between 5,000 and 7,000 spines formed of keratin, the same substance found in human hair and nails. Hedgehogs will roll into a tight ball when they feel threatened in order to protect their delicate underbelly and expose their predator-repelling spiny back. Amazingly, hedgehogs have evolved special spines to defend themselves from predators.

 Hedgehogs Are Typically Solitary Animals

Hedgehogs are mainly solitary creatures who like to spend the most of their time by themselves hunting for food and exploring new areas. They sleep throughout the day in nests composed of grass, leaves, and other materials because they are nocturnal.

Hedgehogs can cover several kilometers in a single night in search of food and potential mates, and they have a relatively extensive home range. Yet, male hedgehogs may travel great distances during the mating season in search of a female to mate with.

Following mating, the male and female part ways, and the female is responsible for raising the young alone. Hedgehogs are not particularly gregarious creatures, but they do occasionally tolerate the presence of other hedgehogs in their territory, particularly in the winter when they could hibernate together for warmth.


In conclusion, baby hedgehogs are called hoglets. These cute and tiny creatures are born with soft spines that gradually harden as they grow older. Hoglets are very vulnerable in their first few weeks of life and require a lot of care and attention from their mothers. As they grow, they become more independent and start to explore their surroundings. Overall, hoglets are fascinating and adorable animals that capture the hearts of many animal lovers.

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