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Toys For Hedgehogs: 6 Options to Keep Your Hedgie Entertained

Hedgehogs are cute and fascinating pets that need plenty of stimulation and exercise to stay healthy and happy. Providing your pet hedgehog with suitable toys is an essential part of its care routine. Toys For Hedgehogs: 6 Options to Keep Your Hedgie Entertained that helps to prevent boredom and promote natural behavior. If you’re wondering what types of toys are suitable for hedgehogs, Hedgehogfact.com provides a detailed overview of eight options that can keep your hedgie entertained.

Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel

It’s wonderful to learn that hedgehog owners favor the Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel! Hedgehogs need to exercise to preserve their health and well-being, thus having a proper wheel in their habitat is essential.

Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel

Hedgehogs may move freely and easily on the large, smooth-running surface of the Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel, which makes it ideal for running. The wheel’s quiet operation is also a nice feature because it reduces potential noise disturbances in the house.

If you are a hedgehog owner, it’s crucial to give your pet a wheel that fits their needs and is appropriate for their size. Given that it’s made exclusively for hedgehogs and has a number of features that make it a terrific alternative for both creatures and their owners, the Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel is a fantastic pick to take into consideration.

Lee’s Kritter Krawler Jumbo Exercise Ball

You can give your tiny pet both exercise and enjoyment with the Lee’s Kritter Krawler Jumbo Workout Ball. The gigantic size of this exercise ball is ideal for bigger tiny pets like hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and rats. It is composed of high-quality, long-lasting plastic.

Your pet can explore its surroundings while safely contained inside the exercise ball. It’s also a terrific method to provide your pet with the mental and physical exercise that they need for their general health and wellbeing.

Lee’s Kritter Krawler Jumbo Exercise Ball

Its training ball’s huge size makes it perfect for larger small animals, and its sturdy plastic construction guarantees that it will resist frequent use and last for a very long time. The exercise ball is a practical addition to your pet’s home because it is also simple to clean.

Overall, pet owners wishing to provide their tiny pet exercise and stimulation should choose the Lee’s Kritter Krawler Jumbo Workout Ball. Always keep an eye on your pet as they exercise on the exercise ball, and make sure the ball is the right size for their needs.

Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Exercise Ball

Pet owners who wish to give their tiny animals, such as hamsters, gerbils, or mice, a safe opportunity to explore their environment and get some exercise might consider the Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Workout Ball.

This training ball is suitable for a range of small dogs because it is constructed of sturdy, non-toxic plastic and comes in several sizes. Your pet is kept safe inside while they walk around and explore thanks to the lid’s tight seal.

Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Exercise Ball

As long as your pet is under constant supervision, you can use the Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Workout Ball indoors or outdoors. The exercise ball is made to give your pet lots of physical activity, cerebral stimulation, and a chance to explore their environment.

Overall, pet owners wishing to provide their tiny pets exercise and amusement should choose the Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Workout Ball. But you should constantly keep an eye on your pet as they exercise on the ball, and make sure the ball is the right size for their needs.

DIY Hedgehog Toys

Creating DIY toys for your hedgehog can be a creative and affordable way to enhance and stimulate your pet. Here are a few concepts for homemade hedgehog toys:

PVC Pipe Maze: Construct a PVC pipe maze for your hedgehog to navigate. The pipes may be joined together using elbows and tees, and windows can be made for your hedgehog to peer through.

Create a fleece pouch for your hedgehog to curl up in by sewing it. You might stuff it with cotton balls or shreds of fleece.

DIY Hedgehog Toys

Dig Box: Provide snacks or mealworms for your hedgehog to find in a shallow plastic container filled with non-toxic, clean play sand or dirt.

Paper Bag Castle: Using paper bags that have been folded and cut, you can make a tiny fortress that your hedgehog may enter and exit. For more texture, you may also load the bags with crumpled paper.

Make a hammock out of PVC pipe and fleece by combining the two materials. Measure the fleece, fold it over the pipe, and sew the edges of the fleece together.

To protect your hedgehog’s safety while playing with homemade toys, always keep an eye on them. Moreover, be sure that any items you use don’t pose a choking risk to your hedgehog and are appropriate for play.

Niteangel Fun and Safe Toys for Small Animals

Niteangel Fun and Safe Toys for Small Animals

Safe toys are included in this packing package for your hedgehogs to play with or chew on. Four toys are included in this wildly popular set: a loofah, a seagrass ball, a pinecone, and a willow ring. The versatile toy set is safe for your hedgie to play with because it is manufactured entirely by hand using natural materials.

Hedgehog Puzzle Toys

A terrific method to occupy and challenge your pet’s thinking is with a hedgehog puzzle toy. Little hedgehogs can easily handle the numerous tiny fleece balls in the hedgehog puzzle toy. This toy stimulates the mind and is a terrific way to keep your hedgie occupied for several hours.


In conclusion, providing toys for your hedgehog is important to keep them healthy and happy. Hedgehogs are active animals that need regular exercise, and toys can help provide mental and physical stimulation.


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