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How Much Are Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are popular exotic pets known for their cute appearance and unique personality. If you are considering adding a hedgehog to your family, one of the first questions you may have is “how much do hedgehogs cost?”

The answer is not straightforward, as hedgehog prices can vary greatly depending on the breeder, age, color, and other factors. In this article, we will explore the various prices of hedgehogs based on the web search results provided and discuss the costs of hedgehog ownership that need to be considered.

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost from Breeders?

According to the web search results provided, the typical cost of a hedgehog from a breeder is between $100 and $300. However, prices can range from $50 to $300+ depending on the breeder and type of hedgehog. Breeders may charge more for hedgehogs with more desirable or unusual color varieties.

Some breeders may offer hedgehog starter packages for around $75 that include a cage, wheel, a concealing location, a water bottle, a feed bowl and food, and some shavings. Half of the European import pedigrees may also come at an additional cost of $50 for breeding.

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost from Pet Stores?

It is less common to find hedgehogs in pet stores, but if you do, they are likely to cost more than from a breeder. The average cost of a hedgehog from a pet store is around $200. However, it is important to note that pet store hedgehogs may not have the best health or temperament due to poor breeding practices and lack of socialization.

Pet stores occasionally have hedgehogs for sale, however, the availability and cost can differ based on the shop and area. But, it’s crucial to remember that buying a hedgehog from a pet shop might not be the greatest choice, as many pet shops obtain their hedgehogs from facilities that breed them for sale, which might not give the creatures the care they need.

Depending on the retailer and the type of hedgehog, the price of a hedgehog from a pet store can range from $150 to $300 or more. When choosing a choice, it’s crucial to consider the additional expenses of hedgehog ownership, including housing, food, and veterinary care.

It is typically advised to think about adopting a hedgehog from a reputable breeder or rescue group rather than buying one from a pet shop. By doing this, you can make sure the hedgehog has had good care and is healthy. Depending on the hedgehog’s age and other circumstances, adoption prices from breeders or rescues might vary, but they commonly run from $100 to $250.

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost from Rescues and Shelters?

Hedgehogs may also be available for adoption from rescues and shelters. The cost of adoption is typically lower than that of a breeder or pet store, usually ranging from $50 to $150. However, it may be more difficult to find a hedgehog available for adoption, and the selection may be limited to older or less desirable hedgehogs.

Hedgehog adoption costs from rescues and shelters might vary based on the group and the area, but they are typically less expensive than getting a hedgehog from a breeder or pet shop. $50 to $150 may be charged as adoption costs, while certain agencies may charge more or less.

Hedgehogs may require special permissions or licensing because they are classified as exotic animals in some jurisdictions, therefore the adoption procedure may differ from that for dogs or cats. Before adopting a hedgehog, you should look into the rules and restrictions in your neighborhood.

When compared to buying from a pet shop or breeder, adopting a hedgehog from a rescue or shelter might be a great option because it gives a caring home to a creature in need. Hedgehogs make excellent pets for people willing to give them the right care and attention because many rescues and shelters work to socialize and rehabilitate them.

What Factors Affect the Price of Hedgehogs?

Hedgehog prices might vary depending on several factors. They consist of:

Type/Breed: Prices for various hedgehog breeds vary. For example, compared to other varieties like European hedgehogs, African pygmy hedgehogs are typically more accessible and less priced.

Age: Younger Hedgehogs may cost more money. For instance, young hedgehogs are typically more expensive than mature ones.

Hedgehog color: Certain hedgehog colors, like albino or cinnamon, may be more expensive and uncommon than others.

Gender: Prices for male and female hedgehogs may vary, with females occasionally costing more.

Breeder: Depending on the breeder and their reputation, prices may change. Hedgehogs may fetch a higher price from seasoned breeders who have invested in high-quality breeding stock and good care.

Geographic location: The cost of hedgehogs may vary by region and place. Hedgehogs, for instance, can cost more in locations where they are scarcer or where there is greater demand.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that price is only one aspect to take into account when selecting whether to adopt or buy a hedgehog. Hedgehog ownership costs are totaled together with other costs including housing, food, and medical attention.

To make sure that the hedgehog has been properly cared for and is healthy, it is also crucial to do some research on the breeder or rescue group before making a choice.

Is It Worth the Cost to Own a Hedgehog?

The value of owning a hedgehog will vary on your choices, way of life, and financial condition. For those prepared to give them the required care and attention, hedgehogs can make wonderful pets, but they also demand a large time and financial commitment.

Hedgehog ownership entails several expenses, including the price of the animal itself, the cost of housing, food, and veterinary care. When picking a choice, it’s crucial to think about your finances and capacity to care for a hedgehog because these costs can accumulate over time.

Hedgehogs need daily care and attention in addition to financial requirements. They must be fed a particular diet, have their cage cleaned frequently, engage in social interaction, and engage in physical activity. Also, hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, which might not work with everyone’s schedules.

Despite this, many individuals consider hedgehog companionship and distinctive traits to be worthwhile investments. They can form strong bonds with their owners and are bright and curious. Nevertheless, adopting a hedgehog after a rescue can be a fulfilling experience.

Hedgehog ownership is ultimately a personal choice that should be based on careful evaluation of the time and financial requirements involved. Make sure you are well informed before choosing whether to own a hedgehog if you are interested in doing so.


Hope the article How Much Are Hedgehogs? will provide you with useful information.

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