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Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp: Best Answers In 2023

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp?” is a common question among hedgehog owners and enthusiasts alike. Hedgehogs, known for their spiky exterior and nocturnal habits, have specific temperature requirements to thrive in captivity. In this article, Hedgehogfact.com will delve into this burning question and provide you with the best answers to ensure the well-being and comfort of your hedgehog companion in 2023.

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp?

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

Hedgehogs are scaly, domesticable creatures. But one must keep in mind how important it is to look after them.

To stay healthy, hedgehogs need constant warmth. However, too much of anything can be hazardous.

A heat lamp or heat pad is required for hedgehogs in their enclosure. Hedgehogs occasionally enter a state of hibernation if they do not receive enough heat or temperature. Despite being a natural adaptation, this can be lethal to hedgehogs kept in captivity.

Use a heating bulb that emits just heat and not light, such as a CHE (Ceramic Heat Emitter). The hedgehog lives at night. The hedgehogs become disoriented and won’t emerge to eat if there is light.

If you’re thinking about maintaining a pygmy hedgehog, the ideal heat source is CHE because it produces enough heat to keep their sleeping area comfortable. We might try using heating pads in their sleeping area instead of heat lamps.

Choosing a Heat Source for Your Hedgehog: Take Care

It is crucial that you select the appropriate heating element for your cage type. An overhead heat source is recommended for cages with plastic bottoms because they cannot come into direct contact with any heating devices because they will melt.

A heat pad might be a safer option if you have cats or small children who might knock over or try to touch an above-ground heating source.

Hedgehog-specific heat lamps

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

This set-up, which comprises a lamp stand, a light fixture, and a ceramic heat emitter, is one that I enjoy utilizing. The stand’s height adjustment feature is fantastic.

To mimic a natural day/night cycle, I usually only use one side with the heat bulb and the other side with a regular light bulb on a timer.

Hedgeshog heating pads

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

Another way to provide your hedgehog with a source of heat is by using heating pads. These often take the shape of adhesive heating components that stick to the underside of a glass cage.

The glass floor of the cage distributes heat for the hedgehog even if the heating element and cord are constantly on the outside.

You should use a heating pad that at least covers 1/3 to 1/2 of the cage’s bottom.

Lamps With A Clamp

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

An alternative to a clamp lamp would be one of the well-liked DIY hedgehog cages with wire panels. I raised Dubia using this method, and I found it to be incredibly effective.

Essential characteristics of the heating source

You must keep certain aspects in mind when picking the heating source. This will assist you in avoiding any mistakes.

  • The temperature should remain steady throughout, and there shouldn’t be an uneven ebb and flow of heat.
  • The heating source must not endanger the animal or pose a burn risk.
  • The buyer should be able to afford and utilize the heating source easily.

Now let’s try to address some fundamental issues that come up when dealing with hedgehogs.

What Temperatures do Hedgehogs Need

In order to survive, hedgehogs often require a quite unusual environment. Their enclosure shouldn’t be warmer than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature climbs higher than that, they can experience problems with overheating.

In order to allow the hedgehog to move under or away from the heat to control their own body temperature, heat is typically delivered on one side of the cage.

Temperatures below 65 degrees can cause hibernation and even death in some species.

Utilize a thermometer.

Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

Hedgehog enclosures must be kept warm enough by having at least one (or better yet, two) thermometers because temperature is such a crucial aspect of keeping hedgehogs in captivity.

There are several choices, including sticky and probe thermometers.

Make sure to position the thermometer at or just below hedgehog height. You cannot accurately assess the habitat of your hedgehogs using a thermometer positioned at the top of the cage.

Keep in mind that heat rises; therefore, place the thermometer correctly for an accurate reading.

Substitutes for heat lamps

Many options are offered for sale in the market, but it is the owner’s duty to carefully analyze each one before choosing one. Let’s examine each option individually.

  • System of central heating
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

It might not be a good idea to keep the entire house centrally heated for a long period of time. Additionally, it may result in higher electricity costs. But a central heating system may be a smart choice in colder areas where residents live in smaller dwellings. However, most people won’t heat their homes to 80 degrees, making this impractical.

  • Heating blankets
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

You can put heating pads under the cribs where your hedgehogs snooze. This would prevent them from going into hibernation due to a drop in temperature and keep them warm for a longer period of time. However, there are some drawbacks as well. Your pet could sustain burns and other serious injuries if the heating pad becomes overheated and becomes immobile. It may raise the hedgehogs’ internal temperature, which might be disastrous.

  • Rocks Heat
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

With the aid of these mechanisms, the reptiles can maintain their body temperature. They are not intended for hedgehogs, though. They may find the heat to be too intense. It is therefore better if you don’t think about this option for your hedgehog.

  • Room heaters
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

This gadget needs your focus. You must monitor the temperature’s change and progression while utilizing this. Hedgehogs’ cycles may become confused if that is not regulated. To ensure that your pet is comfortable, the temperature must be moderate.

  • Instantaneous heating options
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp
Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

One may experience a power outage as a result of unforeseeable disasters. You’ll need a backup plan or a suitable substitute in those situations to keep your hedgehogs warm. You can then make use of emergency heating options. Considerable thought can be given to instant heat packs. But it should be checked frequently to ensure that it can support your pet in times of need. Additionally, you can warm your hedgehog using body heat. Keep some layers of clothing and a safe distance between you and your pet.

Conclusion Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

In conclusion, the question of whether hedgehogs need a heat lamp in 2023 depends on various factors such as ambient temperature and the hedgehog’s individual needs. It is essential to monitor their behavior and consult with a veterinarian to provide the appropriate heating solutions for their comfort and well-being.

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