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Are Hedgehogs illegal in California?

If you are considering getting a hedgehog as a pet in California, you might want to think twice. So “Are Hedgehogs illegal in California?” Indeed, in this state, hedgehogs are considered one of the native species.┬áThis is due to the strict laws of this place when it comes to pets, especially exotic animals, which hedgehogs are classified as.

Why are Hedgehogs illegal in California?

Hedgehogs are considered pests in California

Protecting California’s wildlife, natural resources, and agriculture is the main justification for the state’s hedgehog prohibition. In California, hedgehogs are viewed as pests and are dangerous to the state’s delicate ecosystem. If hedgehogs were to escape into the wild, they could form colonies that may endanger crops and other animals in the region, upsetting the balance of species.

Consequences of illegal Hedgehog possession in California

If you are caught owning a hedgehog in the Golden State, you could face serious consequences. These include being issued a civil fine of $500 or more, being criminally prosecuted and charged with a misdemeanor, and having the hedgehog taken away, with the owner being responsible for the removal and care costs of the animal.

California is one of the states that bans possession of hedgehogs for any reason. If an individual is found owning a hedgehog without a permit in California, they can face legal consequences such as fines and confiscation of the animal. The specific penalties may vary depending on the circumstances, but fines can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Consequences of illegal Hedgehog possession in California

Furthermore, owning a hedgehog illegally can lead to negative consequences for both the owner and the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are not native to California and can potentially cause harm to the local ecosystem if they were to escape or be released into the wild.

Additionally, hedgehogs need specific attention, and novice owners might not be able to give the animal the right environment and diet to keep it healthy. This can result in neglect and mistreatment of the hedgehog. Therefore, it is important to research and understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of owning a pet before making a decision to acquire one.

Other illegal Pets in California

In California, it is against the law to keep any animal as a pet, even hedgehogs. The state has a list of restricted animals that also includes ferrets, sugar gliders, and many other exotic pets. Keep in mind that if you want to transport, import, or possess any of these animals, you will need a legal animal permit.

Keeping animals as pets without a license is prohibited in California for a variety of reasons, including the keeping of hedgehogs. In this place, a few of the most typical illegal pets are:

Ferrets: It is prohibited to own a ferret as a pet in the Golden State without a permit. Ferrets are typically regarded as unlawful pets in the state, while permits are infrequently given to private parties.

Sugar gliders: Sugar gliders are illegal to own as pets in this beautiful state without a permit. The permit is only available to qualified educational or research institutions.

Other illegal Pets in California

Sloths: In California, it is forbidden to keep a sloth as a pet without a license. However, permits are rarely issued to individuals, and sloths are generally considered illicit pets in the state.

Gerbils: It is illicit to import, transport, or possess a gerbil in this place, and violating this law may result in a hefty fine, jail time, or the confiscation and euthanasia of the gerbil by authorities.

Monkeys: It is unauthorized to own a monkey as a pet in California without a permit. The state generally views monkeys as unpermitted pets, and permits are infrequently given to individuals.

Skunks: It is forbidden to own a skunk as a pet in the Golden State without a permit. However, permits are rarely issued to individuals, and skunks are generally considered illegal pets in this place.

It’s important to research and understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of owning a pet before making a decision to acquire one. In addition, it is always best to choose a pet that is legal and appropriate for your lifestyle and environment.

Can You get a Permit to Own a Hedgehog in California?

It is possible to get a permit for a hedgehog in California, but they are seldom handed out. The 14th California Code of Regulation 671 outlines the “Importation, Transportation, and Possession of Live Restricted Animals,” including hedgehogs. A permit might be issued for educational purposes, but it is rare.

The educational or scientific facility must prove that it has a valid reason for retaining hedgehogs and that it has the means and knowledge necessary to provide for their well-being in order to be granted a permit.

If you are an individual and you want to keep a hedgehog as a pet, you would need to move to a state where hedgehogs are legal, or consider another type of pet that is allowed in California. It’s important to research and understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of owning a pet before making a decision to acquire one.


In a nutshell, owning hedgehogs as a pet is illegal in California due to the state’s strict laws that protect wildlife and natural resources. If you are caught in possession of a hedgehog you will be considered illegitimate. Hope our article will provide you with useful information.

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